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OOO "EPICOM" develops and manufactures GaAs-AlGaAs epitaxial structures for power electronics devices. Our main products are epitaxial p-i-n structures and structures for varicaps.

OOO "EPICOM" was founded in April 2016 and is located on the premises of the Kaluga Business Incubator "Electronics Materials and Components", equipped with all the necessary infrastructure.

In 2016, the OOO "EPICOM" project received support from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in scientific and technical sphere within the framework of the "Start-1" program: "High-resistance gallium arsenide structures for a new generation of high-voltage fast-recovering diodes". In 2020, as part of the continuation of the project, the company received funding under the "Start-2" program.

The relevance and prospects of the work lies in the use of gallium arsenide as a base material, which provides a number of advantages over traditional silicon products in power electronics devices. Whereas the cost of manufacturing GaAs-based devices is comparable to the cost of Si-based devices. High-voltage fast-recovery diodes based on high-resistance multilayer arsenide structures will not only be able to successfully compete with devices based on silicon in the field of power electronics and solve the problem of import substitution in this area, but will also have significant export potential in the world market of power electronics components.

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